SAC24 System - Presentation

The 24-hour Custody Tracking System (SAC24) is a complete hardware and software solution for the electronic monitoring of convicts which is designed and developed by Spacecom. The system allows the imposition of alternative sentences and the monitoring of the convicted under parole, resulting in savings for the state and a better chance of rehabilitation of the individual. It is the only system in this area with national technology and features geared to the Brazilian reality.

The system consists of different types of devices to be carried by convicts, which meets national and international standards. There is also a monitoring software available via web interface connected to the monitoring center, which can be the very Spacecom. It allows real-time monitoring of monitored convicts. It enables the creation of control areas for behavioral restrictions, and several other options in order to equip in-charged authorities.

Sistema SAC24

The SAC24 is the system used for the monitoring of 4,800 convicts in the state of So Paulo. The state was the first in the country to carry out the bidding process for hiring this service in 2010. The system is used on everyday basis with convicts under the semi-open arrest system, theyre the ones who return every night to the prison unit. Its also used in temporary exists and authorized pardons by the justice, when the monitored individual remains days outside of the prison unit of origin. Spacecom provides for state devices to be carried by convicts, support of the Spacecom monitoring center for the monitoring of convicts as well as the support for prison units. The company also allocates and manages the system servers in two data centers physically distinct.

Main Advantages

It enables convicts to a better return to society, reducing the negative impact of unnecessary incarceration. The individual under surveillance has fewer changes of getting in contact with other dangerous prisoners.

It reduces the maintenance cost of prisoners under different arrest systems as well as individuals with remand ordered.

Spacecom is responsible for the development of all of SAC24 modules (hardware and software), which allows customization and / or integration with other systems which are implemented with much more agility.

Data access from any terminal via Internet, in real time. Besides detailing the history of activities and changes of convicts, the SAC24 also offers alarm reports predetermined by system users.

The SAC24 has reliable and resistant materials. Their devices are in compliance with auditing standards. The system transmission and storage of data is encrypted, which ensures the security of information.

Doubts About Monitoring

1 . When the sentenced individual bursts the anklet, who the breakup signal appears for?
When the sentenced individual breaks the anklet, the SAC24 system generates an immediate and simultaneously a violation alarm on screen, both for the prison unit and for the responsible monitoring center. The monitoring center can additionally contact the in-charged person for the convict in order to notify the violation. All information regarding the convict, including his last location with coordinates, is available online at SAC24 system. Its also possible to search for his last location on the map.

2. If the convict falls outside the monitoring area, what happens?
When the monitoring of an individual is determinated by the judge, he can establish geographic areas for inclusion or exclusion. In case the convict leaves the specified area of inclusion, the SAC24 system will generate an online alarm to the prison unit which is in-charge of his/her monitoring. In the case of the exclusion area, it is bounded an area in which the convict can not pass. If he/she enters the exclusion area, the SAC24 system generates an online alarm violation exclusion area. All information of the convict, including their location with coordinates, is available online at SAC24 system.

3. If the convicted individual goes to a city where he is not allowed, what happens?
When the convict goes to a disallowed location (exclusion area) the SAC24 system immediately signals through alarms the prison unit as well as the monitoring center in-charge, which additionally generates a notice of violation. All these information is recorded in the SAC24 system and it also becomes available to the justice. The convict can be brought in to prison unit by authorities.

4. How long after the convicted individual breaks the anklet is the prison unit notified?

5. Who warns the police in case of a convict runaway, the prison unit or Spacecom?
Who warns the police is the prison unit, responsible for monitored individual. The responsible monitoring center, which may be the Spacecom, at the time a violation is generated in the SAC24 system, it may notify the prison unit as well as be available to help in the eventual location of the convicted felon.

6. Besides the disruption of the anklet and the violation alarms of inclusion and exclusion areas, which other alarms are generated by the SAC24 system to signal that any convicted individual is disobeying predefined rules?
The devices are equipped with systems against fraud and if they are open or broken, alarm signals are sent instantly to the prison unit and to the responsible monitoring center, in order to alert authorities. Loss of signal from GPS satellites will be warned to convicts, so they can provide the change of their position. If the convict tries moving without the signal from GPS satellites, the devices have a built-in motion detector which generates and alarm to warn the prison unit and the responsible monitoring center, in order to indicate the moving attempt without the register of the geographical position. In the case of 2-piece device, when indoors (home, workplace, etc) Portable Tracking Unit (UPR) should be put in place without loss of GPS signal (next to the window, for example), allowing a certain mobility to monitored individuals (radius displacement of up to 30 meters). Displacements beyond the permitted radius of mobility, and loss of radio communication between the two parts will result in sending an alarm signal to the prison unit and to the responsible monitoring center.

7. Do Spacecom monitoring center have access to names or photos of monitored convicts?
If the monitoring is done by Spacecom, the monitoring center has no access to any data or photos of convicts. Only the prison unit responsible of the convict has access to his/her information. Spacecom monitors convicts by random numbers generated by the system itself (eg, M35764) and the prison unit has access to data related to that code.

8. Does the anklet prevent the escape of convicted individuals?
The monitoring system will not necessarily prevent an escape. As the name implies,it is a monitoring system that enables real-time mapping of the moving of monitored sentenced individuals, with alerts regarding the transgression of the behavioral rules predefined by authorities. From the information generated in the system, the prison unit may request the issuance of arrest warrants and as long as individuals are recaptured, they will be put in regular prison units, once the benefit of a house arrest is repealed.