SAC24 System - Two-Piece Device

This is a system composed of two devices to be carried by the convicts. They are easy to use with high level of security in the transmission as well in the storage of information. They are also robust and come in compact size. They meet national and international standards and their costs are consistent with the Brazilian needs.

Dispositivo de 2 peças Fully developed by Spacecom, it is the only system in this area with 100% national technology and features geared to the Brazilian reality.

How it Works

While being monitored, the convict should wear the Portable Tracking Unit (UPR) together with the anklet, keeping a maximum distance among them. These devices communicate in encrypted way through radio frequency. The location (GPS) and alarms information acquired by the UPR are transmitted to Spacecom´s servers via cellular network (GPRS) and available via web interface. This way, the institution has access to monitoring data from any terminal connected to the Internet in real time.

Dispositivo de 2 peças


The device is equipped with various anti-fraud mechanisms that ensure system integrity. In addition to the information from various positions and status, the system monitors the possible fraud:

+ Fastening strip breaking of the anklet fixation of ankle;

+ Violation of anklet enclosure;

+ Violation of UPR;

+ Maximum deviation of the UPR;

+ Detection of movement without GPS signal;

+ Detection of deliberate concealment of the signal;

+ Detecting an attempt to generate false position.

The device also aims at the convict´s security and convenience:

+ The equipment is not connected either to the electric network or to the body of the convict. This way shocks for discharges which are common in many homes in the country can be avoided;

+ Small, lightweight and comfortable anklet does not compromise the welfare of the monitored individual. It even allows physical activity without any loss.

Coverage Area

Spacecom monitoring devices are the only ones that fit 2 simcards. This means that the coverage area is at least equal to the sum of the coverage area of two mobile operators.

Besides a much broader coverage area, redundancy in communication greatly enhances the system's ability to continue operating normally if a telecom service provider has a problem in the transmission or if the monitored individual is in a shady area.

The equipments do not depend on the operator. For the system to transmit data using a new carrier, simply make the change in one of the simcards, just as with an ordinary phone (the exchange can not be made directly by the sentenced individual because the devices are tightly sealed and can not be opened by them).

Technical Characteristics

UPR - Portable Tracking Unit

1. Physical characteristics:
+ Material: injected ABS of high impact.

2. Location system:
+ Super sensitivity GPS (Super sensing);
+ Acquisition time of configurable coordinations;
+ 1-5 meters of accurancy;
+ Assisted GPS (AGPS).

3. GPRS communication:
+ Use of 2 telephony operators for data transmission (redundancy);
+ Encrypted communication using proprietary protocol;
+ Adjustable Transmission time.

4. Memory:
+ 50,000 points of continuous data storage.

5. Battery:
+ Li-Ion;
+ Minimum durability battery recharges estimated at 1,000 (depending on usage conditions).

6. Transmitter:
+ Transmitting frequency of 915 MHz;
+ Encrypted communication using proprietary and bidirectional protocol.

7. LED display:
+ Indication of GPRS miscommunication;
+ Absence of GPS signal;
+ Removal of the ankle;
+ Indication of call contact for the supervisor;
+ Low battery level.

8. Sound Alerts:
+ Movement without GPS;
+ Removal of the ankle;
+ Low battery level;
+ Breach of inclusion and exclusion area rules;
+ Indication of supervisor´s incoming call.


1. Physical characteristics:
+ Strap fastening with embedded fiber optics, hypoallergenic and size adjustable;
+ Waterproof.

2. Battery:
+ 12 month life cycle (depending on usage conditions).

3. Transmitter:
+ Frequency transmittion of 915 MHz;
+ Encrypted communication using bidirectional and proprietary protocol.

A Spacecom se reserva ao direto de atualizar as informações acima para refletir a evolução de seus produtos.