Services - Monitoring Center

Spacecom has a monitoring center of sentenced individuals fully equipped with a team of trained and experiences tutors as well as supervisors. The center can act in two ways:

+ Direct monitoring of convicts. Immediate notification of authorities in case of generated alarms;

+ Operational and technical support to the prison units.

The Center is experienced in the simultaneous monitoring of up to 4,800 convicts in the semi-open arrest system as well as temporary and exists pardons. No center employee has access to personal information of any sentenced individual of the system, since they are identified by random numbers generated by the system itself. (eg, M35764). Only the prison units have access to data related to these codes.

Central de Monitoramento


Spacecom monitoring center has a complete infrastructure, which ensures high availability to the contractor operations and security of the information that is generated:

+ Access control card and biometric;

+ CCTV System;

+ Air-conditioning;

+ UPS with additional battery bank;

+ Power generator;

+ Sound insulation;

+ Telephone assistance through 0800 (only accessible by password).

For security reasons, the facilities of the center are physically independent of where the applications servers of SAC24 system servers are allocated.