SAC24 System - Monitoring of Approach

The monitoring of approach is the solution to be used in cases when the sentenced individual can not approach the victim. With the determination of the minimum distance radium required by the justice, it is possible to notify the victim if the convict does not follow this determination. It is also possible to generate necessary alarms so that appropriate actions can be taken.

How it Works

The sentenced individual should wear the anklet 24 hours a day, regardless of whether the model worn is two - or - one-piece. The victim has a mobile phone with an application developed by Spacecom that inform his/her location to the SAC24 Monitoring Software. The system will check if the sentenced individual is away from the victim according to stipulated distance.

If the sentenced individual exceeds the minimum stipulated distance, he/she must be moved away from the victim. Also, an alert is sent to the mobile phone of the victim so he/she learns about the presence of the sentenced individual immediately. The monitoring center is also advised in order to take the necessary measures.



Among the advantages of the monitoring of approach are:

+ Increased safety for the victims;

+ Discreet system;

+ Monitoring center can get in touch directly with the victim.