The SAC24 system - Internal Monitoring in Prisions

The SAC24 system, through the two-piece device, is adapted to be used in the internal monitoring of prisons. With this facility in hand, a monitoring center located inside or outside of the prison unit, can check with precision in which sector or block a certain internal is. Rules of presence in a particular location and / or time can be set. Alarms are generated in case these rules are not followed.

How it Works

PortableTracking Units (UPRs) are scattered throughout the prison unit where the monitoring will be done (eg, block 1). The inmates who are monitored wear an anklet, which is detected by UPRs as soon as he/she approaches any other device. The UPR sends the data to the monitoring center, which can track the location of all inmates based on the UPR which detected his/her presence.

Monitoramento interno em presídios


The Internal Monitoring in Prisons device using the SAC24 two-piece device has the following:

+ Easy adaption to the existing structure;

+ Independent monitoring center from the prison unit;

+ Light and compact equipment ported by the inmates.