SAC24 System - Monitoring of Convicts

The SAC24 System is a complete solution for the monitoring of convicts, providing both devices (2 pieces or one piece) as well as the monitoring software to be used by the monitoring center in charge. The technology used in SAC24 system allows real-time monitoring of sentenced individuals, ensuring secure transmission and storage of data since all the information is encrypted. The SAC24 system can be used to monitor sentenced individuals under different arrest systems.

In the monitoring of sentenced individuals under house arrest you can follow him/her during the period that he/she is out of prison and verify compliance with the restrictions imposed.

How it Works

Regardless of the convict's arrest system, the monitored individual must wear the anklet 24 hours a day and stay within the specified area at the times stipulated. If he/she exceeds this area or does not comply with the constraint of time, the monitoring center will be immediately warned by an alarm.

In the monitoring of sentenced individuals, it is possible to wear both devices, the two-piece one as well as the one piece, by choosing the model that best fits the needs of the institution.

dispositivo peša ˙nica

dispositivo duas pešas


The monitoring of sentenced individuals using the SAC24 system has the following advantages:

+ Complete solution of hardware and software for the monitoring of convicts;

+ The use of two telephone operators for data transmission;

+ Anti-fraud mechanism in the equipments;

+ Encrypted information;

+ Real-time monitoring of the monitored individual;

+ Easy installation;

+ Waterproof.