The SAC24 System - House Arrest

The SAC24 System, through the two-piece device, can be used in the monitoring of sentenced individuals under house arrest. This way, the sentenced individual is restricted to his/her residence during the period of fulfillment. Besides sentenced individuals, the ones under provisional arrest, may also use the monitoring system in case house arrest is given, while his/her case is being processed.

The use of the SAC24 System facilitates the monitoring of sentenced individuals once it is possible to know if he/she is in his/her residence or not. In case he/she gets out of the bounded residential area, the monitoring center is immediately informed and reasonable actions can be taken.

How it Works

The monitored individual must wear the anklet 24 hours a day and remain within the bounded area of his/her residence. If he/she exceeds this area, the monitoring center in-charge will be immediately notified by an alarm.

The Portable Tracking Unit (UPR) stays steady in a place where the equipment has access to the signal of a mobile network (GPRS) and to the power grid.

In case the UPR is removed from the place where it was installed or violated, an alarm will be generated in the monitoring center in-charge so it can identify the location of the new equipment and take appropriate action.

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The monitoring in house arrest using the SAC24 two-piece device has the following advantages:

+ A telephone line is not necessary once it uses GPRS technology;

+ Information about the change of the installation place of the UPR (GPS);

+ Easy installation.