SAC24 System - SAC24 Monitoring Software

The SAC24 Monitoring Software allows its users to visualize in real time the movement of the convicts. Through a web interface for easy navigation, the user has access to all of these convicts' data. Location points can be plotted on a map in satellite photos, or even in a hybrid map (satellite photos with the streets). You can also define and edit control zones for each sentenced individual, thereby determining regions in which he/she should or should not be at specified times. If a violation is detected, the system records the occurrence and sends a message to the one in charge. The system also stores the entire history of the sentenced individual, allowing the generation of reports aimed the authorities' awarnesses. System user´s access and activities are also stored for control purposes.

Software de Monitoramento SAC24

How it works

The system is accessed via a web browser through a secure connection using a single login and password. Access to the system is only done through pre-registered computers. From the system, the user can see in real time the position, alarms and status of all convicts he/she has permission to. The system user can also refer to the historical data of any other period, which remain always available.

There are several other features offered by the system, including:

+ Inventory control devices;

+ Access control and user profiles;

+ Consultation of the actions of all system users for control purposes;

+ Files of sentenced individuals with the possibility of grouping them by profile;

+ View all positioning data of convicts through maps, charts or analytical reports;

+ Search monitored individuals by region and period;

+ Creation of inclusion, exclusion and control (circular and polygonal) areas.

Main Advantages

Once access is done through a web browser, there is no need for large investments in computer equipment to access the monitoring software.

Spacecom is responsible for the development of all SAC24 (hardware and software) modules, which allows customization and/or integration with other systems are implemented with much more agility.

Data access from any terminal via the Internet in real time. While detailing the history of activities and sentenced individual's changes, the SAC24 also offers alarm reporting predetermined by system users.

Entirely in Portuguese, it follows the latest national and international standards for web systems, which increasingly are part of everyone´s everyday life. Thus the use of the system becomes very intuitive.


SAC24 Monitoring Software has several devices that make it very safe for both sentenced individual as well as for users:

+ Access via HTTPS secure connection;

+ Individual login and password;

+ Restricted access only to pre-registered computers;

+ Encrypted personal data of users as well as of sentenced individuals in the database;

+ Ability to hide sentenced data depending on the user;

+ Control system of profiles and user permissions;

+ Ability to control all actions performed by all users.

A Spacecom se reserva ao direto de atualizar as informações acima para refletir a evolução de seus produtos.