TurboVox - PABX Virtual System

TurboVox is an easy and cost-effective solution in communication for companies, because it integrates the telephony and data network. There is no need to invest in PBX or other equipment. TurboVox offers a professional service. It automatically answers incoming calls and give each of them the appropriate treatment according its need.

The configuration and management of the voice portal is simple and it is done via a web interface, providing mobility and agility to users. TurboVox offers:

+ PABX replacement;

+ Answering and forwarding of incoming calls to your business;

+ URA for automatic answering of calls with unlimited menus and submenus;

+ Distribution of calls to telephone extension;

+ Distribution of calls to virtual extensions, via data network (VoIP);

+ Mailbox for extensions;

+ Receive an e-mail of the messages left in the mailbox;

+ Managements and customization by the customer via the web interface;

+ Virtual Automatic Call Distribution (DACV);

+ Conference call with unlimited number of participants;

+ Integration between telephony and data systems, enabling external queries to data of the voice portal.

How it Works

TurboVox is a virtual PBX system, that is, it receives and processes calls from either home and office telephones as well as from mobile devices made to the business. The voice portal can be configured so that all the customer service is done automatically, with navigation menus, voicemail, among other options determined by the company through a Web interface for a more personalized experience. TurboVox has the ability to route incoming calls to other landlines or VoIPs in a transparent way to the client.

TurboVox does not require any investment in hardware. The structure is the same one used for telephone and Internet that your company already owns. You can even keep the same phone number you already use. The carrier of your company just forward the calls to our service platform.


Main Advantages

Promotes the image of your company with an organize and professional service to its customers and suppliers.

TurboVox adapts to your current phone system. It is flexible, easy to deploy and operate.

Despite TurboVox come with a number of applications already pre-configured for personalized care of your business, it is a very flexible system. If you need a specific application please contact us, we are happy to develop it.

By choosing TurboVox your company saves on infrastructure and there is no need to invest in equipment such as PBX. It optimizes your phone lines, allowing a decrease in the amounts spent on telephony systems.

You can access your TurboVox as well as messages in your voicemail via the Internet from wherever you are.

Available options

TurboVox has some pre-configured applications in order make your voice portal easy to set up:

It enables a visitor to your portal to record a voice message.

It plays a pre-recorded audio file and makes it available to visitors of your website.

With this option you can spread news in a fast and easy way.

Message board
It allows visitors to your portal to record and listen to messages. You can also limit only certain authorized people to write messages on it.

With this option you can create surveys on various subjects and get the results in real time.

To create levels of assistance in your voice portal.

Inclusion of telephone extensions (landline or VoIP) to perform call answering.

Call Center
Use the branches of the portal to build a call center system with queuing.

Corporate Conference Call
A meeting room with only those invited. Simply include this option in your portal and create a password. Distribute this password only to those people you want to invite and it's done.

Chat Rooms
They allow interaction with various persons in chats of other portals.

Custom applications
Spacecom develops custom applications for your voice portal. Ask us about the feasibility to implement a solution.