Customized Solutions

Spacecom provides customized solutions in the areas of telecommunications and information technology. Our solutions enable the integration of telephone systems, data communication and Internet, according to customers´ needs. We maximize communication and promote the image of your company with an organized and professional service to the market.

Some projects already developed by Spacecom:

Results of operations of the Challenge Day since 2007, through automated telephone calls, 80,000 received a day. It provided an interface that allowed the monitoring of online voting and counting. It holds that participation of 4.5 million people in 300 cities of the state of Paraná.

Natural CRV
Calls to CRV that can not be aswered due to inrush are redirected to the platform of Spacecom. Later the CRV recovers overflowed calls and, at times between two rush moments, gets in touch with the numbers that originated overflowed calls. Thus the CRV assits all customers without having to extend their service structure

International Sport Club
The Spacecom developed and implemented the interface of ticket purchases by phone and integrated with the other systems already used by the club. This solution allows the supporting member to buy the tickets directly through the mobile phone without the need of going to the stadium box office. Another option is to access the Internet. This way, access to games is facilitated as well as operational costs can be reduced.

BNE - Banco Nacional de Empregos
It was developed for the BNE an interface that allowed its subscribers see the jobs available via phone and decide at the same time if he/she would like to have his/her resume sent to the vacancy. Because of this Spacecom customized and integrated its automated customer assistance system with the existing vacancy management system of vacancie in BNE.

Newspapers, Radio and TV
With TurboVox, Spacecom provides several newspapers, radios and television stations in Brazil, a voice portal system through TurboVox. The system allows a channel to be created for a faster and more efficient communication between the company and the reader, listener or viewer.

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