Corporate Conference Call

With Spacecom corporate conference call, there is no need to schedule or make any kind of registration. Just call at the time you and your guests have set, enter the password you created and that everyone involved is aware of, and you all will be in a private room. It saves you time and money. You can invite as many people as you want and the cost is of a local call for a mobile.

Make now your own teleconference. Call 8401-0020 and follow the instructions (only for regions served by Oi - south, central west and north).

Main Advantages

All you need is a phone that connects to the the teleconference one. It can be an office phone, mobile or VoIP.

Hold meetings without moving around and without worrying about the availability of a complex structure.

The technology is based on regular calls which ensures a greater signal without falls and wheezing.

The cost of the teleconference call is the same as connecting to a cellular phone. There is no additional fee charged.


To start a corporate teleconference just follow the following steps:

1. Create a password with 6 digits;

2. Tell your guests the password you created;

3. At the time of the meeting please call 8401-0020;

4. Press one (1) to enter the conference call;

5. After the tone say your name and press # (pound sign);

6. Enter the 6 digit password created in step one.

Once you are participating in conference call, enter 0 (zero) in order to listen to the audio of the available options to help.